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Nielsen Digital Voice New Zealand

Do you want to get rewarded, just for being online at work?

Even if you are just checking your email, or updating your social media status, you will earn rewards points.

So register now, and join thousands of other New Zealanders who are being rewarded for simply being on the Internet at work.

Once you join, you will not only be earning rewards, you will also be providing insights to the latest Internet trends.

Every time you go online, your voice is heard, so be a part of Nielsen, one of the biggest market research companies in the world, with over 80 years of experience in measuring consumer behaviour and trends.

There are no surveys to complete, no endless forms, just provide some information about yourself, download the app and you are done.

Just continue doing what you normally do while you’re at work, and earn points. The points you earn will go towards a prepaid Visa gift card.

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