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Who is Opinion World New Zealand?

Opinion World is an New Zealand paid survey website that provides incentive for its members who participate in the various surveys and online activities posted on the website. The respondents earn points that they can redeem as cash or gift vouchers. The registered members are also eligible for entries in the prize draws. Once you signed up, you will start receiving notifications to participate in the surveys. However, these survey opportunities are prescreened surveys that are tailored based on specific demographic profiles. For instance, it is unlikely that you will receive surveys that are intended for women if you are a man.

The website is a property of Survey Sampling International, which is the largest market research service provider in the world. This company has more than 400 employees in 17 countries. It mainly provide sampling for marketing research agencies and direct clients. The clients are varied and come from various sectors such as consumer, entertainment, technology, political and government sectors.

As a registered member, you need to set up your own profile, including username and password. You will have access to your own private member dashboard. It is in the member dashboard that you will find the regular notifications about survey opportunities and also about the points that you have accumulated.

Opinion World is a market research website that relies on a system of incentivized surveys to attract respondents. Without this incentive system, very few will be motivated to participate in the surveys and completely answer the questions. The website serves as a go-between that bridges the gap of information between the companies and their target consumers. Different companies hire Opinion World to design, facilitate collection and analyze market data based on the opinions of consumers. The website provides the means for companies to reach out to their potential consumers. On the other hand, the member respondents directly influence the decisions of companies through the opinions that they provided. As a result, they eventually get the best possible products that are tailored to their preferences.

Hence, the website functions as a communication platform between the companies and consumers. It provides the feedback loop in a more comprehensive and scientific manner. In the process, both parties benefit. The companies get the crucial information that they need and the consumers receive rewards and also get better products in the long term.

How does Opinion World New Zealand work?

Basically, the website works in similar manner as other paid survey websites. It prescreens surveys and invites its members who belong to specific demographic sectors to answer the surveys. These are sponsored surveys, which mean that companies pay for these surveys to be distributed. The members who participate in the surveys earn points that they can later redeem as cash or as gift vouchers. Members also have the chance to win prizes during the quarterly prize draws. A total of $5,000 is given away each draw. Active members can be granted multiple draw entries.

Almost all surveys have filter questions that further narrow down the respondents, ensuring more precise and focused data. For instance, a company may only need respondents who prefer certain types of hair conditioners. Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, you are still guaranteed to earn points. You will be able to accumulate higher points if you answer as many surveys as possible. There are also other online activities such as quick polls and quarterly prize draws.

If there are several ways to earn, there are also several ways to redeem your points. The most common option is to redeem your points as cash. This could take an average of four weeks to process before the money is credited to your PayPal account. Of course, this does not include the few business days of clearing period that is necessary to withdraw the PayPal fund into your bank account. Another way to redeem your points is by claiming gift vouchers from the partner stores of the website. You may either use the electronic vouchers or the printed version. On the other hand, if you feel a little altruistic and you want to help other people, you may donate your points to the charitable foundations that are supported by the website. These include Wildlife Funds, World Land Trust and the McGrath Foundation. The website is proud to have donated nearly $1.8 million to different charitable organizations since 2002. The donations mostly came from the personal initiatives of the website members.

How do I redeem Opinion World New Zealand rewards?

The website offers three options of redeeming or claiming your rewards. Once you have reached the minimum require points for payout, you can start redeeming your points as cash, gift vouchers or as charitable donations. You need to be patient, however, because it takes several weeks before the cash is credited to your PayPal account. The delivery of physical vouchers, on the other hand, takes longer time.