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Research Minds – Paid Market Research Opportunities

Be rewarded for sharing your opinions!

Research Minds is an online community for New Zealand consumers and businesspeople to access and participate in paid market research opportunities.

If you are an New Zealand resident interested in providing honest and open opinion on a range of products and services, you are invited to complete our online registration form. If you are under 16 years old, permission from your parent/s or guardian/s is required.

Research participants play an important role in the development of products and services, including advertising, cars, food, alcohol, travel, telecommunications, finance and media consumption.

Our clients typically provide an outline of the type of research participant they need for a particular project.

From time-to-time, surveys may include an invitation to participate in a group discussion (focus group) or a one-to-one interview; rewards for participating in these sessions start at about $50. The redemption of rewards for completing online surveys is via PayPal to a linked bank account.

Simply click on the button above to go to the site, then click on Join Now to register and be eligible to start receiving email invitations to participate in paid research assignments.

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